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Do you accept Medicare Insurance?

We do not accept Medicare for routine foot care, such as nails and corns/calluses, in the home. We only will see patients who are not eligible for Medicare At Risk Foot Care. If you have seen a Podiatrist for nail care in a Podiatrist's office and Medicare paid for the service, we are not able to see you.

Medicare is accepted in Nursing Facilities and Assisted Living Facilities when guidelines are met. 

What are the Medicare Guidelines?

Unfortunately, not all patients (even those with diabetes) are eligible for Routine Foot Care. Because of the limitations of coverage we have opted to not offer care for patients entitled to Medicare  for At Risk Foot Care in the home. Only non covered foot care is offered. 

Medicare Podiatry Information Sheet

Do you accept Medcaid Insurance?

We only accept Medicaid as a secondary. We do not accept Medicaid as primary coverage.

Do you accept Kaiser or Medstar Insurance?

Sorry, no. No HMO or managed care insurance is accepted.

Fees and Payments

What is the fee for a home visit?

When medicare guidelines are not met and/or the patient is not truly homebound, the charge to come out to the patient's residence starts at $200 (which includes the treatment) and is based on distance and time. Please contact the office for specific costs. 

What is the fee for foot care?

When Medicare guidelines are not met, the charges are based on Fee for Service. The treatment fee is included in the visit fee. Additional costs for excessive nail and callus growth can be expected. 

How can I pay a bill?

At the time of the visit, payment can be made with cash, check or credit card.

If a statement is sent for any charges not covered by insurance, payment can be made by mail or electronically by clicking PAYMENTS.

Prior to the visit

Can I fill out my forms prior to the visit?


Please print and fill out the New Patient Form.

Print or read the HPPA Form  No need to print or sign as the signature on the NEW PATIENT FORM will suffice.

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